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Solt Mu Agreement

Please note that SOLT members use uk Theatre agreements and awards. You can find them on the UK Theatre website. This is the union`s standard election policy, as agreed by our stage committee and the Council – the two groups of members that you elect every two years to make decisions like this. 3) I am not a member of Equity, but I am working on this agreement. Why don`t I have a say? Equity is a union of 48,000 employees in the entertainment industry. Some of them have never worked on the West End agreement for performers and stage managers (and never will) because they are directors or designers, and they are working on another union arrangement, or because they are part of our 10,000 variety members – comedians, burlesque performers, cabaret artists, etc. No union recommends a deterioration of business conditions lightly. In this case, we are doing it because we have reached the limit of the concessions that we have been able to obtain from SOLT. Their initial proposals from Equity regarding the changes they wanted to make to the agreement were far worse than the final position we are now presenting to members.

SOLT originally wanted to change the category of theatre according to the contracts issued, reduce payments over time, order liability payments by rate and include it in the high proportional minimum. What you are voting on now is the smallest set of variations SOLT needs to encourage its producers to return to work in our West End theatres. The majority of equity members will not vote on this agreement, and some will be very convinced that they should be able to vote – either because they have not yet worked on the West End agreement, but they could very well work in the next year, or because they have a west end experience, but outside the parameters that we have set for the vote – that is, those who have worked on the west end agreement over the three years from 5 October 2020. This latest updated agreement came into force in April 2017 (updated in January 2019) The SOLT/Equity agreement is renegotiated every four years. The last “normal” negotiations took place in early 2019 and, on that date, each member who participated in the agreement prior to the renegotiation was involved in the priorities of our claim and then obtained a vote. In 2023, when the agreement is negotiated next time, each member who has worked on the SOLT/Equity West End agreement will be questioned and put to a vote when negotiations are completed. Musicians working in theatrical productions. There is a separate agreement on the work of the United Kingdom. ( Shakespeare`s Globe consists of the Globe Theatre and Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, and their performance process is very different from that of elsewhere in the world. Both pose unique requirements to all those who work here, and especially to the interpreters.

1) Why did Equity not involve members in these negotiations? During the negotiations, we insisted that a clear time frame be given for the rating assessment, so that members would understand how long this pro evaluation could last. Although we were unable to obtain a set deadline or a set number of weeks, SOLT agreed to an audit with Equity every 3 months that would begin from the date of existence of the variation agreement. Individual cash figures and other factors are assessed, and if a producer were to abuse pro-rating equity and SOLT, that would prevent this from happening. Shakespeare`s Globe is a world-renowned venue for performing arts, cultural attraction and educational centre on the banks of the Thames in London, UK. Please view this video with our Secretary General Paul Fleming and read the fact sheet below. As always, there is only so much information that can be inserted into an email, so we want to clarify some of the main concerns that come to us.