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Roommate Chore Agreement

You can protect yourself by creating a colocation agreement. You can create a very easy agreement form with our roommate. This roommate agreement protects you in case of a problem with your roommates. Then there are the common tasks. Create a list of all the tasks that need to be completed every day, weekly or monthly. This is what we usually do: here is the calendar of three roommates who share a task plan: each roommate should have certain tasks for which he is exclusively responsible on the task board. For example, everyone can make their own dishes and laundry, make their own beds and keep their rooms separate properly. Did you see hoarders? Yes. That`s not where you want to land. So, for public spaces, make it clear with your roomies that everyone must lift their own mess.

If this happens every night before bed, your place for the next day will always be tidy. We created Roommate Chore Schedules here and made them as simple as possible. We currently offer to-do lists for roommates for up to 4 separate roommates. 2. Determine what domestic work is and agree on a cleaning plan. Ask questions like: What should I do every day, weekly, monthly? How will you divide the light cleaning (vacuum cleaner, dishes) and deep cleaning (refrigerator, window)? A weekly plan worked for us. We broken down the expectations in each of the common rooms and each person was responsible for completing these tasks during their allotted week. I know households that started with what people didn`t mind, and then they divided up what was left; If you can`t stand the idea of rubbing the bathroom, but you like to do the dishes, you may be can negotiate a deal. For deep cleaning, I`ve found that it`s more manageable (and funnier) that they take a day to tackle the big tasks together.

Roommate agreements are extremely important, even if you share the place with your friends. Believe me, there will be problems. Sometimes it`s something as simple as the roommate who arrives too late on the bills. At other times, it could be something more serious, like your roommate bringing pets to the property if that`s not allowed, or leaving the site without notice…