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Three Joint Technology Initiatives (ITCs) – Clean Sky 2, ECSEL and the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) 2 – offer their own model consortium agreement for projects funded on their websites. These models are particularly attributable to the partially divergent provisions of the ITCs, for example. B regarding the intellectual property rights of IMI 2. As in THE 7th PC, several institutions and groups have developed model consortium agreements for Horizon 2020, with sometimes different approaches. Most of these agreements are modular, allowing different options to be chosen for the specific needs of a project. The most common models are: For the first time, model-based consortium agreements are also available for MSCA-ITN as part of Horizon 2020. These projects were developed by the National Working Group (Bundesarbeitskreis) of EU Advisers in German Universities and Higher Education Institutions (BAK) and by the League of European Research Universities (LERU). Both models are based on LESCA. The DESCA model is widespread among universities and research institutes. The DESCA initiative was launched by key players in the Horizon 2020 programme and was developed in collaboration with the IPC community and aims to reconcile the interests of all groups of participants: large and small businesses, universities, public research institutes and NGOs.

Desca is a simple and comprehensive consortium agreement that frees up unnecessary complexity in content and language. DESCA`s modular structure, with different options and alternative modules and clauses, offers maximum flexibility. Explanatory notes containing concrete examples and detailed explanations of the various options and clauses are included in the model as a whole. These guidance will help research directors (who generally do not have legal training) and early PC participants to make informed decisions about the best formulations to protect their interests. Additional information about DESCAMore information on version 1.2 DESCA DESCA DESCA was originally initiated by ANRT, the German CA team, represented by Helmholtz and KoWi, Fraunhofer, EARTO, Eurochambres, ATV and UNITE. This initiative, initiated by key Horizon 2020 stakeholders and developed jointly with the FP community, aims to reconcile the interests of all categories of participants: large and small businesses, universities, public research institutes and NGOs, in accordance with the Responsible Partnering initiative. The desca Core Group is represented by ANRT, EUA, Eurochambres, EARTO, KoWi, LERU, ATV, ZENIT and coordinated by Fraunhofer and the Helmholtz community. DESCA, the most common model consortium agreement in the 7th Framework Programme, has been updated for Horizon 2020.