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Custody Agreement Vacation Schedule

Question from Nicole: If I am the legal guardian and parent, do I need permission from the father of my children to take them on vacation to Mexico? They already have passports. Finding a vacation tour plan can be moving. The best thing you can do is put yourself in your child`s shoes and choose what`s best for them. Also remember that the best for your child`s well-being is to be able to spend time with both parents. Co-parenting requires good communication and preparation, especially when parents do not cohabit. Custody agreements between two parents contain important information about how much time any parent can have with the child. However, many parents forget to consult this agreement – or the other parent – when making discharge plans. Below we will discuss how you can include your child in your vacation plans without violating your custody agreement. You need to figure out how to allocate parental leave even in the summer…