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Basic Facility Rental Agreement

This does not mean, however, that you should not provide information about the additional services you can still provide if the customer is willing to pay additional fees in addition to what is stated in the rental agreement. If the Owner decides to terminate this Rental Agreement due to a breach by the Customer of the terms of this Agreement, all fees paid by the Customer shall be considered non-refundable. The owner will provide staff during the event in case of problems. The owner`s staff will allow access to the property and will close the property once the reservation is complete. During the high season, prices can be fixed and high. Outside the season, there may be more room for negotiation. The landlord and tenant should agree on a rental price as well as the terms of payment. Most leases require a down payment – which is taken into account on the eventual credit and perhaps on a deposit. Determine when final payment is due and agree on penalties for late payments. This is a versatile document that can be used for all kinds of short-term rentals. While most events take place in designated rooms such as wedding halls or other related venues, this form can also be used for renting a store, retail space, or even a living unit.

The key is that the rental is limited in time (usually only a day or less) and for the explicit purpose of organizing an event, party or other meetings. Prior to this date, the customer signed and filed an application to lease the facility. Before sending the draft contract for the rental of reception rooms to the other party, you must first finalize the document.