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Atlantic Yards Community Benefits Agreement

Given the current economic environment, we see governments that rely on private actors to demonstrate their competitiveness at the urban, national and even global levels. However, in cities like New York, rank-and-file and common organizations (CBOs) can also participate in these multinational transactions by using their political and negotiating power in the city`s land use and authorization process. This article discusses the impact of a local regulatory mechanism and how using an alternative to New York`s LULUCF process allows local residents to have a voice in the birth of New York City. In the first part of this article, I will look at the traditional actors who have historically shaped regulatory policy in New York and how that policy “makes” the city. The arena should be made available to community groups for at least 10 events per year at a reasonable rent. In addition, the question arose as to whether the CBA seized was indeed representative of the Community, given that the project and arena promoters (Forest City Ratner Companies, collectively) negotiated a CBA with a coalition of only eight community organizations, with a number of local signatories excluded from the negotiations. . . .