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We can replace your existing conservatory roofwith a thermally efficient beautiful Guardian Roof and completelytransform your whole downstairs living space

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Manufactured in the UK, the Guardian™ Warm Roof offers outstanding insulation and provides an aesthetically pleasing tiled roof finish both complementing and adding value to your home, it enables your conservatory to stay cosy and warm during the cold winter time and yet nice and cool during the hot summer months.

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  • The Guardian™ roof

    The lightweight, insulated Guardian™ roof replacement system was designed and developed over a ten year period and with one purpose – to replace the typical glass or polycarbonate roof that was used in the construction of most UK conservatories.

    The main focus was on the dynamics and performance, however the overall weight of the replacement conservatory roof, which needed to be installed onto the existing conservatory windows, doors and frames was always a big priority. During this period extensive tests were carried out both for compliance and approval to very vigorous structural and thermal standards. The result is not only a brilliant product but a very practical solution, one which has been the biggest home improvement.

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